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Vegetables so good, your mom doesn't have to tell you to eat them.

Are you looking to learn more about a plant-based lifestyle? Do you have vegan or vegetarian family or friends who you want to cook for, but you don't know how to prepare the foods that they implement in their lives? Desiring change but overwhelmed at the thought of a different way of shopping and cooking? Welcome to Vegan Farm Stand! I work with ANYONE. The VFS mission: Get more delicious plants in people's stomachs.

I am a certified vegan lifestyle coach and educator and am here to help guide you on the path to a more plant-based and vibrant way of eating and living. I offer plant-centric cooking classes, vegan educational outreach, food demos, kitchen re-sets, at-home cooking classes, and individual coaching sessions.  

I am here to educate, support, and guide you. Basically a knowledgeable friend with lots of amazing vegetable recipes.