Group Cooking Classes

See bottom of page for current offerings. Vegan Farm Stand offers group cooking classes with a dinner featuring global, plant-based cuisine at a historic mill facility in a commercial kitchen in downtown Amesbury, MA. These are 2-3 hour cooking classes with a dinner/sit down afterwards (approx 3.5 hours total).

Classes are thematic: think Spanish Vegan Tapas, Plant-based Cooking with Adult Beverages, and Taste of (Vegan) Paris! The classes are a fun evening for couples, friends, or individuals who want to learn to cook in a lively, informative, and supportive atmosphere. You will leave with:

  • A recipe book of easy-to-recreate recipes from that evening's session

  • A full stomach: we eat it all after!

  • Knowledge of how to use new tools and foods: what is a mandolin? What is "forbidden rice" and why would I buy it? You will find out

  • New friends who will be great to explore vegan restaurants with

Private Group Cooking Classes

Interested in exploring a group class to cook your favorite foods with plant-based ingredients, but you already know exactly who you want to hang out with? Then let me organize a cooking class for you with all your friends, at the same kitchen where we cook for the group cooking classes (minimum 8 maximum 14).

Alternatively, I can also come to your home to spend 3 hours cooking with you and your friends or family (up to 5 people).

  • Do you want to learn how to make 5 different vegan desserts with a bunch of your gal or guy friends?

  • Do you want to get together with some friends to celebrate a wedding, a new pregnancy, or a new chapter in your life by exploring "culinary therapy" via plant-based recipes?

  • Have you always wanted to host a plant-based dinner party and invite people to help you cook, but you don't know how?


Schedule of Group Classes/events 2018-2019

Le Printemps Vegan French Wine dinner class: we came, we cooked, we sipped, we conquered!

Le Printemps Vegan French Wine dinner class: we came, we cooked, we sipped, we conquered!

Every month we have new ideas: for example our thematic French dinner was created because-as a Francophile who lived in France and speaks French-I thought "What is a class that would be the jam to teach?" One of VFS's students even brought a custom-created cooking soundtrack with Edith Piaf and played DJ.

Upcoming classes for 2018


June 28th 2018: "Kitchen Lab": meet me in the degustation area (fancy-schmancy for tables in front) for a gratis tasting of the June offerings being created for a secret vegan wine dinner at a private home in Newburyport (see more below). Give me feedback and let's catch up with our vegan crew! Thursday from 7:30-8:30 at Kitchen Local 14 Cedar Street, Amesbury MA. You will be trying:

  • baked almond cheese

  • roasted grapes with rosemary

  • olive oil citron cake

  • basil "cream" linguine

  • tofu "scallops"...and more!



Saturday September 8th 5:30-9:30: The Last Days of Summer Wine Dinner

Let's take advantage of the last warm days of summer to enjoy some white and rose wines! VFS has a lovely tasting dinner planned that features the summer bounty: rosemary roasted grapes and a baked almond cheese, a cold peach, basil, and corn chowder, a tomato, summer squash and onion tart, and a citron olive oil cake with whipped coconut cream and pineapple, amongst other offerings. Jack Petras of  Leary's Fine Wine will join us again (he is in the picture at the top of this page, from our Spring French Wine Dinner, teaching us about each offering). Last time we had a blast and learned so much: let's do it again! Only 14 places tops $100.00 for a full class, 5 course tasting dinner, and the wines and recipes. Email me at leann@veganfarmstand.com to reserve your place and I will send you the pay link.

Saturday October 20th 6-9:15: Ethiopian Spice Market class

In October VFS travels to Africa (just kidding:))! But sort of, because we are going to create a traditional Ethiopian dinner with the staple of the country's menu: injera!

Injera is a type of pancake, that subs for a plate AND a fork and knife and spoon in Ethiopia. Basically similar to a sourdough bread, it instead lays flat on the plate. You use it to dip into a variety of different delicious Ethiopian pulses and side dishes, alongside of course a large communal salad. Healthful, exotic, spicy, and full of vibrant vegetables and legumes Ethiopian cuisine is starting to get on the radar of American foodie communities. Plus it is so fun to eat in a group! We will learn how to make injera starter, use premade starter to make our injera as well as ye'shimbra duket kita (chick-pea crepes), ye'misser wot (spicy red lentils), a soft creamy vegan cheese, and several easy and yet unique vegetable dishes that you will easily be able to make at home again. You will leave with a recipe book and directions on where you can buy your ingredients. $70.00 for the class, dinner, and recipe booklet. Please pay under "group classes" on the website, or email me to reserve at leann@veganfarmstand.com and I will send you a paylink.