Vegan Lifestyle Coaching and Education Sessions

As a certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator (VLCE) through Main Street Vegan Academy I support any person who wishes to incorporate more plant-based eating, whole foods, and healthful recipe preparation in their lives.

Whether you are an omnivore with only the wish to understand what that strange looking gourd is at the farmers' market and how to prepare it,  or a burgeoning vegan with the desire to revamp your entire lifestyle to be animal-product free, I am here to help!


Coaching sessions

How long are they and where are they?

Coaching sessions are 1 hour (or they can be lengthened to  1 1/2 for an additional cost) and they can be purchased individually or in packets of 3, 6, 9, and 12. 

These are conducted in a historic mill building in scenic Amesbury, MA, or they can be arranged at a local cafe within a 15 mile radius of Amesbury (I can travel further, per individual arrangement and an extra fee). They can also be conducted over Skype.

What is a session like?

The first session will be mostly a "meet and greet" where we will discuss what is motivating you to explore plant-based eating. From there we will create some action goals (see below "one session" for specific time breakdown). Rather than focus on the result, if you hit your action goal each week, the end takes care of itself

Most clients start with a 3 or 6 package, with weekly or biweekly coaching. Group sessions are coming in the winter of 2018, after the holidays! Keep posted!

See price list for breakdown.

One session

We will meet for one hour. We will spend approximately...

  • 20-30 minutes focusing on what has brought you to explore plant-based eating
  • 15 minutes setting up 2-3 action goals for you to actively perform: these will focus on food shopping, food preparation, and self-education and daily emotional reflection. 
  • The remaining time will be spent organizing a daily plan for you to implement your action goals, and a brief discussion of challenges that you might encounter and how to best prepare for them.

I will provide you with a binder to record information about our session and also a food/exercise diary where you will record your eating, exercise, and also emotional reflections daily. There will also be a list of recommended local sources for food shopping and a list of online resources such as recommended books, websites etc. 

Off to the local farmers' market: sometimes it is fun to just make recipes around what is seasonal.

Off to the local farmers' market: sometimes it is fun to just make recipes around what is seasonal.

Packages of 3/6/9 or 12 sessions

Depending on the amount of sessions, the cost per session goes down. Each package will begin with the same "meet and greet" ( see above one session description).

From here  we will work as a team to use the next session(s) to adjust your goals and practice as you progress. As a former counselor for a national weight-loss clinic, I found this to be the best way to implement change. By frequently recording and reflecting on what is, and is not, working we are able to work together to make incremental adjustments to keep you motivated and moving forward.

  • Our first 15 minutes will be spent reflecting on how the last few days or weeks went in terms of following the action goals that you had decided upon and looking at your binder.
  • The next 15-30 minutes will be spent adjusting our practice to either address upcoming challenges, improve the practices that are working, or incorporate and explore new additions to your goals.

For example, if there was a challenge of a wedding that you are attending, our adjusting our practice talk could focus on how you could stay on  your plant-based program while also sitting down at a wedding dinner or on how you would handle making the decision not to ( the choice is always yours). Would you feel more comfortable asking the host for a vegan option? Inquiring ahead about the quality plant-based options? Or maybe just deciding to "take a day off" and committing to not beating yourself up about it and getting back on track the next day?

  • The last 15 minutes will focus on learning about new resources to support your attaining your long term goals. This would be maybe incorporating a new  exotic plant food, or trying a challenging recipe (or three!). It could be purchasing a new wellness book off of Amazon that I could recommend or exploring a new active hobby and reporting back on how it made you feel at our next session.